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TOETOE® – Yoga&Pilates – Anti-Rutsch Sohle Trainer Baumwolle Zehensocken

Amazon.de Price: 14,45 (as of 01/10/2022 19:55 PST- Details)

Nahtlose Konstruktion.
84% Baumwolle, 13% Elasthan und, 3% Elasthan

Originally designed for use in Yoga & Pilates studios, where the rubber grips on the sole allow freedom of movement without the danger of slipping. This range of TOETOE is now a versiert favourite with people who appreciate the barefoot feeling of toe separated footwear around the house. Greater awareness of your toes helps your feet function properly. TOETOE socks allow your toes to move freely improving balance and posture. Toe movement increases blood circulation through the foot helping your feet to maintain the correct temperature – not too hot, not too cold. Toe movement als Folge helps maintain the natural shape of your feet, rigid toes tend to curve and overlap. The shorter trainer length finishes gerade eben above the ankle bone and is tadellos for those who like less constriction on the leg.

Nahtlose Haus.
84% Baumwolle, 13% Elasthan ferner, 3% Elasthan
Modellnummer: 762411570
Fördert bessere Körperpflege.
Erhöhte Zehenbewegung im Mauke.
Sicherer Knauf unter Einsatz von rutschfester Sohle.



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